What are the buying skills that you need to know when buying beauty equipment?

Today’s beauty salons are one after another, not only consumers worry about which one is better, but operators are also confused about how to retain people and attract more customers. Today we will analyze, what kind of beauty salon is more likely to survive, when introducing beauty equipment, which kind of equipment is more reasonable and equipment purchasing skills.

The status quo of the beauty salon industry

1. The survival rate of beauty salons that only use manual operation services is only 9.6%, while the survival rate of beauty salons that introduce high-tech beauty equipment projects is as high as 86.6%, and the difference between the two survival rates is 77%.

2. Profitability ratio of beauty projects: breast enhancement and weight loss projects accounted for 32.8%, spot lightening and whitening projects accounted for 27.2%, basic nursing projects accounted for 21%, SPA moisturizing projects accounted for 15%, and other projects accounted for 4%.

3. The order of priority for the beauty salon to introduce beauty equipment projects is: body sculpting and weight loss, spot whitening, intelligent physiotherapy, wrinkle removal, moisturizing, pedicure, photorejuvenation, E-light and other projects.

4. Methods and ratios for beauty salons to change their operations: introduce high-tech beauty equipment (42.6%), promote sales, make profits, increase costs (37.4%), introduce high-end talents, increase store management (12.7%), increase service intensity ( 6.4%).

Want to know the beauty equipment purchase skills?

1. By item

Beauty instruments are different from mass market products such as household appliances. They belong to a niche market in terms of market size. Therefore, when choosing, you should choose products that are suitable for your store’s service items according to the positioning of your store. For example, the more popular items in the beauty market include weight loss, whitening and freckle removal, body beauty, postpartum repair and other items.

2. By way

Beauty equipment is a large product, and general customers are more cautious when purchasing. Usually, it will be purchased after multiple parties. The way to buy is generally, online search and purchase, referrals from friends, or seeing DM direct advertisements, etc.

3. Is the technology advanced?

The beauty market industry is under relatively high competition pressure, and the ever-changing technology in the beauty market is updated rapidly. In order to obtain more income and stable operation, it is necessary to maintain technological leadership. Therefore, when choosing an instrument, technology is the primary consideration. Advanced technology, which can stay ahead of the industry, is also a selling point for publicity. It is best to choose products from R&D companies.

4. How about the quality

The quality of beauty equipment is also an important consideration. If the equipment often fails during the operation, it will not only affect the normal operation of the beauty industry, but also affect the performance, but also bring a bad experience, and it is easy to lose customers. Therefore, when purchasing beauty equipment, it is necessary to see whether the accessories and materials used in the beauty equipment meet the national standards, service life, frequency, and potential safety hazards.

5. Use effect

If a beauty salon wants to retain customers, it must have good results and leave a good reputation for customers, and customers will continue to flow. Today’s customers pay more attention to skin care, so instruments that can fight wrinkles, sagging skin, anti-aging, freckle removal, hair removal, whitening and rejuvenation are more popular. When purchasing beauty equipment, shop owners choose products with corresponding functions according to the positioning of their stores, and the functions are determined according to your business scope. The amount of efficacy should also be combined with the quality of the product. Since choosing a high-tech skin care method, it is better to buy those reliable brands with quality and after-sales guarantee. Even if it is more expensive, you can feel at ease. For investment, those beauty devices that use non-mainstream technology are not recommended to take risks. The pre-sale and after-sale service attitude of a good product is consistent, considerate and enthusiastic. If there is a problem, we will solve your problems in time and do not shirk responsibility. Only after such an after-sale can you buy with confidence.

Matters needing attention

Different from electronic products in the big market such as household appliances, beauty equipment belongs to a niche market in terms of market size, so you must pay special attention when purchasing. Avoid making the wrong choice and losing more than you gain.


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