What Is The Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine? Professional Hair Removal Machines

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1. Germany imported diode laser bars.

2. 10.4 inch color touch LCD display, Multi-language selectable.

3. Micro channel cooling system.
4. TEC peltier make cooling, 24 hours work without stopping.

5. 4D sapphire 99.99% light transmittance.

6. Lamp life time over 40 million shots.

Laser Hair Removal Principle

808nm diode laser hair removal technology is based on the selective absorption of light and heat. The laser goes through the epidermis layer to reach the root of hair follicles, laser can be absorbed and converted into heat to destroy the hair follicle and the surrounding oxygen tissue; Meanwhile, the particular super cooling system can create certain anesthetic effects, to protect the epidermis layer from a burn by laser energy, which ensures a safe and effective treatment. At the same time, 808nm diode laser heat hair follicles to 48°C under lower energy density mode, and hair follicle cells will lose activity after sustaining sliding from the handpiece, so as to get the effect of permanent hair removal. The fast sliding, long pulse width, big spot, and super cooling advantage make this diode laser system to be the fastest, most effective, safe, and painless hair removal system.


*Imported laser bar from USA or Germany.

* More than 40 million photos, more than 3 years without needing a new handle.

* 3 waves 1064nm 808nm 755nm, 3 in 1 for all skin types

* High power: new 1200W /1600W handle option

* Medical handle face and body hair removal solution!

* Cooling system: unique dual TEC cooling system, most effectively ensure that the machine work 24 hours a day

* Longevity: 40 million shots

Laser Handle

German Micro Channel Laser Bar

Annular Peltier TEC spot cooling

Support customized handles of different sizes

Product Display

Worldwide languages can be customized

Choose different body parts for precise hair removal

Cooling system temperature, water flow, conductivity

Different skin color choices

Optional for men and women

Before and After Treatment



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