Becoming More and more popular in beauty clinics& salons

1.Eyebrow line removal

2.Tattoo removal

3.Wrinkle removal & Birth marks removal

4.Acne scarring removal

5.Carbon peel facial treatment

Picosecond Laser working principle
Four treatment heads for various treatment purpose

Picosecond laser four advantages

Best treatment solution for wrinkle, birth mark, stretch mark, And skin rejuvenation

 As the use of these lasers becomes more regular and widespread, larger scale clinical studies will be useful in further establishing their potential.

Symptoms:tattoo removal

After first treatment, It come off very light
after three treatment, Almost gone

Symptoms: Freckles removal

After seven days scab formation

Fifteen day later whiter, tighter and younger

Take advantage of the technology and order your product right away. With a groin demand for the Picoseconds Lasers, ensure that you shop only with experienced and reliable manufacturers that promise quality services and products.


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