OL-4D Titanium Series T3200+

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OL-4d Titanium series T3200:1600W Micro channel triple wavelength 755nm 808nm 1064nm hair removal equipment

Technical Specifications

ModelSPI X1 4D
Wavelength808nm or 755+808+1064nm trio waves
Energy Density0~120J/cm²
Pulse Width0ms~600ms
Input VAC220VAC / 50-60Hz
Cooling Temperature-5℃–5℃
System Cooling methodFreon Compressor+Water+Fan+TEC+Sapphire
Spot Size10*40mm
Interface LanguageEnglish
Screen15.6’ Color Touch Screen
Aluminum Case Dimension (Machine)68x64x127cm
Aluminum Case Dimension (Handle)48*48*21cm
Gross Weight75KG
Laser Cooling LiquidDI-water
Water Tank Volume4L
Handle Piece Flow Rate4L/min+-10%
Cooling Water Temperature23~28℃
Working Environment Temperature15~28℃
Environment Moisture<70%

The differences between Micro channel & Macro channel & Non-Channel diode laser stack

1.Macro channel heatsink is made in China.Micro channel cooler is made in Germany with precise technique to make sure the best cooling.
2.There is only one big waterway through the Macro channel diode stack. So the laser bars are not all covered by water cooling. There is 1/3 part of the bar can contact the cooling water directly and other 2/3 part cooling can not. For micro channel cooling, there are 3 layers of water road, all bar lies on this water road directly, so micro channel cooling is better. It can protect bar from burning.
Difference between Micro channel and Macro channel -Customer feedback
At first ,Macro bar is burnt easily because the cooling is bad.
Compared with other Chinese company,90% of Chinese company are using macro channel bar. Therefore their machine is with bad cooling,low energy.Customer show their feedback that their handle are easily burnt.The big difference is about the cooling,the cooling for micro channel is better.
*The other point is the output power,micro channel is higher than macro channel.
*The last and key points is the life time.
The life time for macro channel is only 2.000.000-3.000.000 shots.
For micro channel the life time can reach more than 40.000.000 shots.

So we suggest better use micro channel laser !

Laser hair removal treatment before&after


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