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At present, most of people in the world have tattoos. When they want to remove tattoos or change their graphics, this picosonic laser machine is the best choice.

What Is Picosonic?

Picosonic laser is a solution to eliminate melanin freckle, skin whitening the new technology, it can be a powerful and fast energy shattered melanin, to improve the color of the skin, to achieve the purpose of whitening skin.

Picosonic mechanical light laser use of very short pulse output, the use of optical mechanical shock wave to replace the heat effect, the target crushed into the smallest particles, and the side effects of photothermal effect to a minimum, you can almost solve the purpose of all kinds of pigment spots.

Picosonic laser four advantages—best treatment solution for winkle, birth mark, stretch mark, and skin rejuvenation.

  • Efficient & Effective

755nm pico laser is efficient and powerful. It can break melanin into sand-like instantly. It requires shorter treatment sessions, but greater treatment result, its treatment is safe and lasting, it has great therapeutic effect on freckles, age spots, coffee spots, brown green spots, nevus of Ota, etc.

  • Short treatment time / Safer treatment experience

The energy can be released instantly in a shorter period of time, and the pigment cells will naturally be crushed more finely to minimize the heat damage, so as not to damage the skin.

  • Corresponding wavelength / Short recover period

Compared with the traditional equipment with single 1064nm wavelength, picosonic has three times the peak value of melanin than traditional machine, and the combination of four treatment heads in one made its’ treatment result is better and more accurate among different kinds of skin beauty treatment.

  • Precision / Concentrated energy

Our picosonic has beehive lens, which can gather 70% of high energy to 130 central points of beehive lens, stimulate collagen proliferation and reorganization, from skin color, smoothness, delicacy, moisture, elasticity, whiteness, activity, to support anti-aging.

This machine has four treatment heads for various treatment purpose, including 755nm 1064nm 532nm and carbon peel treatment heads.

  • The 755nm beehive treatment head is a inner light filter, for wrinkle remove, skin whitening, pore refining.
  • The 1064nm treatment head for black, blue, cyan exogenous pigment removal, as well as acne, birthmark endogenous pigment removal.
  • The 532nm treatment head for wrinkle removal, acne removal and colorful tattoo removal.
  • The carbon peel treatment head for carbon peel facial treatment, skin rejuvenation, pore refining, black heads removal, skin whitening and tightening.
Pulse energy10-2000 mj
Laser power supply220 v/110 v
Frequency1-10 Hz
Pulse width6-8 ns
Power 800 W
Treatment heads755nm / 1064nm / 532nm / carbon peel



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