Korea Imported 7 Joints light Guiding Arm For All Colors tattoo removal


High power and fast speed,so treatment time is shorter

Pulse width is only one percent of traditional Nd yag laser,that makes fast and target pigmentation removal

Max energy is only 2J,treatment is more safe,and more comfortable

Working Principle

PicoLaser uses very short pulse output mode, by the principle of light mechanical shock wave, pigment is “shattered” into finely granular via focused energy, are more likely to be absorbed by the body metabolism. PicoLaser laser will be to minimize the side effects of thermal effect, can achieve the goal of almost solve all kinds of pigment spots.

The effect of spot whitening,tattoo removal,skin rejuvenation,fine lines removal,freckles, sunburn, age spots, nevus of ota etc, is better than traditional laser.

Laser comes in 3 wavelengths, 1064nm, 532nm,755nm and the Laser beams for laser tattoo removal are coloured. As shown on the colour spectrum for lasers, the 532 nanometre is a green coloured laser.

Introduction to the use of different specifications

1064nm:removes all colors including dark brown, dark navy, grey & black ink

532nm:removes colorful pigment,like red & orange ink, pigment and birthmarks

755nm:removes colorful pigment,like green ink


1.Remove Chloasma, coffee spots, freckle, sunburn, age spots, nevus of ota, etc.

2.Removing all kinds of tattoos, specialized in removing red capillary, coffee, brown, black, cyan and other colorized tattoos.

3.Remove mole, birthmark,brown blue nevus,junctional nevus,etc.

4.Skin whitening, fine lines removal. Acne scar therapy,etc.

5.Remove the pigment skin pathological changes, the pigmentation caused by color pigment mixture, Pore remove,Face lift.

6.Effectively remove all kinds of embroider eyebrow, soak lip, eye line, and lip line.


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