Picolas S60

Dual Wavelengths Highest Peak Power Shortest Pulses

Korea Imported Light Guide Arm

7 Joint Articulated Arm,2-10mm Adjustable Spot Size.

Picolas S60 is a remarkably innovative dual wavelength picosecond laser with both non-fractional&fractional capabilities from Oriental-laser,the most trusted name in aesthetic lasers.


The output of extremely short pulses converts laser energy into mechanical pressure instead of thermal effect, resulting in the blasting and crushing of pigment particles into sand mist, which is metabolized out of the body.

1.Fast: The treatment speed is 90 times faster than traditional laser

2.Accurate: The absorption of melanin is 3 times that of the traditional

3.Ruthless: Instantly beat melanin into fine sand



The corresponding wavelengths of the laser penetrate into the dermis and selectively act on the pigment

Break Up

The deep and shallow layers are accurately focused to break up the deposited melanin


The pigment is swallowed by macrophages and excreted through metabolism


The Picolas S60 system is a versatile picosecond platform intentionally designed for your practice

  • Tattoo Removal
  • Birth Marks Removal
  • Acne Scarring Removal
  • Wrinkles Removal
  • Pigment Removal
  • Skin Whitening
  • Carbon Peeling
  • Shrink Pores
  • Skin Regeneration

1.Multiple Wavelengths

Versatile picosecond platform for many treatment needs 2 picosecond wavelengths for tattoo removal,benign pigmented lesions1 of different depth,3rd wavelength 755nm optional

2.Power and Pulse Duration

2 picosecond wavelengths with high peak power and shortest pulse durations for a photoacoustic effect,3rd wavelength755nm optional Multiple energies per spot size No compromise of spot size for fluence Flexible treatment parameters for physician control of wavelength,fluence,repetition rateand spot size for highly customizable treatments

3.Accuracy and Stability

Accurate energy and pulse duration for stable performance.Stable optical synchronization for a reliable laser

Multiple wavelengths 532nm&1064nm

Delivers energy over a broad range of spot sizes

Allows energy delivery with minimal risk of side effects


532nm&755nm&1064nmTreatment Handle

1.360 ° Rotatable

The ultra-light handpiece combined with the light guide arm enhances the user's comfort when treating large skin lesions or long-term treatment

2. Large Spot

Wide range of spot selection, 10mm large spot treatment is fast and penetrates deeper

3.Korea Imported Light Guide Arm

High pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, low light loss, stable performance, high penetration


1.Higher Pigment Clearance

The picosecond laser's FOCUS technology focuses energy up to 20 times more than traditional q-switched lasers, shattering pigments into tiny particles that facilitate the body's ability to metabolize melasma pigment,

2.Faster Pigment Removal

The speed of picosecond laser treatment is 90 times higher than that of the traditional q-switched laser treatment. Skin-beautifying efficacy heat injury side effect recovery period.

3.Start the Repair

The honeycomb instant effect lens (FOCUS) technology can not only shock CHLOASMA pigment, but also transmit shock wave to the deep layer of skin, activate the repair mechanism, promote the renewal and proliferation of collagen, and achieve the effect of whitening, tenderizing and removing fine lines.



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