Can a tattoo be permanently removed?


It is important for permanent tattoo removal to choose the right treatment head. As long as you choose the treatment head accurately, it is possible to remove it permanently. Different colored tattoos need to be treated with different wavelengths of radiation.The following are the functions of the four treatment heads.

lnner light filter, for wrinkle removal,skin whitening,pore refining

Black, blue, cyan Exogenouspigment removal, and acne,Birth mark Endogenous pigment

wrinkle removal, acneremoval, colorful tattoo removal

Carbon peel facial treatment,skin rejuvenation,PoreRefining,Black heads removal,skin whitening and tightening

755nm picolaser is efficient and powerful. It can break melanin into sand-like instantly. ltrequires shorter treatment sessions, but greater treatment result, its treatment is safe andlasting, it has great therapeutic effect on freckles, age spots, coffee spots, brown greenspots, nevus of Ota, etc

Compared with the traditional equipment with single 1064nm wavelength, PICOSONIC hasthree times the peak value of melanin than traditional machine, and the combination of fourtreatment heads in one made its’ treatment result is better and more accurate amongdifferent kinds of skin beauty treatment.

Our PICOSONIC has beehive lens, which can gather 70% of high energy to 130 centralpoints of beehive lens, stimulate collagen proliferation and reorganization, from skin color,smoothness, delicacy, moisture, elasticity, whiteness, activity, smoothness, to supportanti-aging.

Successful case of tattoo removal

Effective skinrejuvenation freckle and acne removal wrinkle and acne removal

wash off the eyebrows you don’t

Machine customization
We can offer services like customization of machine case in a color you choose, placement of your brand’s logo in our machine, selection power of diode laser module in applicator you want.

System supports different languages
The hair removal system supports multiple languages, for languages the system doesn’t support now,  we can customize and add support for you.

Design your own case
If you have needs about your own brand’s machine, we have professional ID designers to make design for you.


Pulse energy10-2000mj
Laser power supply220v/110v
Treatment heads755nm/532nm/1064nm/Carbon peel


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