What is ICE slimming


  1. Cryolipolysis Shaping: With application of cooling within temperature range of -10℃~5℃, to reduce localized body fat.
  2. 360°refrigeration: The treated body parts can quickly drop to an effective temperature.
  3. Independent applicators: Four applicators can work simultaneously and each of them has its own circulation system.
  4. 10.4 inch main display: Four applicators’ settings can be adjusted in main display.
  5. Electromagnetic valve imported from the USA, to control the suction and release precisely and stably.
  6. Proportional valve imported from Germany, to control the vacuum power.
  7. Four cooling systems with water tanks ensure the machine can working non-stop 12 hours. Using Medical silicon, soft to make customers feel comfortable during treatment.
  • Applicator 1-2: Curved and ergonomic, with big treatment area, designed for large body parts and side parts of body.
  • Applicator 3-4: High effective, 4 Japanese TEC equipped for rapid refrigeration, and can be treated for most parts of body.
  • Four applicators can work simultaneously.
  • Oil filter: Every applicator has its own filter for anti-clogging, designed for easy installation and easy cleaning.
  • Main display:One for all, main led display can control and make adjustments to each applicator’s settings.
  • Other display:Each applicator has its own display, every adjustments in each applicator can be synchronized quickly with main display.


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