Night Universe 2000

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Professional Aesthetics & Medical Laser Euipment Manufacturer. FDA/Medical CE/ ISO13485 Approved. 15-Year Experience in OEM/ODM Servive.


1. The double handles extend forward, focusing more on treatment.

2. Open left and right, and the suction handle can cover the automatic door, which is beautiful and practical.

3. The part behind the aviation configuration. 4. External quick plug water tank and PP+DI filter.

5. Equipped with a Japanese Freon compressor, it can run continuously for 24 hours.

6. The 15.6-inch screen is equipped with SHR stack, SHR, and HR modes. Three Treatment Modes.

Loading handle IVYICE UFLP2000

1. 2023 Newest USA coherent 200W laser output bar.

2. 10*200W 808nm 3. Ultrafast laser pulse (UFLP) technology lets treatment really fast and painfree gel-free 4. Germany micro channel cooling technology up to 20%duty circle 5. 1.0 1.5 2.0 4.0 spot size for choice. facial tip matches all of the spot-size head

Handle Advantages

1. Spot sizes: adapted with facial tip 2.0, IVYICE 2.0cm²
2. Imported Coherent laser bar can ensure 20 million shots lifetime
4. Single laser handle power 200W (The latest technology)
5. Wavelength combination(808 755 1604 940nm)
6. Special light cone, nearly 100% light transmission reduces light loss
7. Ring-shaped cooling pads can cool down contact spots from -5℃-5℃


PREDATOR Night Universe
Laser Type Diode Laser
Laser Energy 0-40J
Pulse Width 0-400ms
Skin Type -VI
Spot Size2.0cm²
Facial Tip(Yes/No)          Yes
Operation ModeSHR STACK, SHR, HR

Cooling Type
Hitachi R-134a Compressor cooling for body machine working
Ring-shaped TEC peltier cooling for sapphire on applicator skin contact Double external flters and water tank recycling
Fans and radiators combination
Handle Cooling-15℃- 5℃
Net weight 48KG
Package size72*64*56cm


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