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Patient demand for non-invasive cosmetic procedures is growing exponentially. Grow your practice and increase your patient base with Venus Concept's suite of medical aesthetic and hair restoration devices.



The output of extremely short pulses converts laser energy into mechanical pressure instead of thermal effect, resulting in the blasting and crushing of pigment particles into sand mist, which is metabolized out of the body.


Eyebrow Line Removal

Tattoo Removal

Birth Marks Removal

Acne Scarring Removal

Carbon Peeling

Wrinkles Removal

Skin Whitening

Q-switch laser tattoo wrinkle pigment removal machine

Have it Both Ways:532nm&1064nm Wavelength

With the non-fractional modality, treat a wide range of tattoos :2 wavelengths to treat all tattoo colors &types few treatments including recalcitrant tattoos better results minimal discomfort

High Peak Power

Delivers energy over a broad range of spot sizes short picosecond pulses:Allows energy delivery with minimal risk of side effects wavelengths dual highest peak power shortest pulses

Korea Imported Light Guide Arm

Wavelength and handle:360 treatment without deadangle minimum energy loss,south korea imported 7 joint articulated arm,2-10mm adjustable spot size.

ND YAG: Picosecond Laser for Tattoo Removal

Long Stable Life Time

Purple yag rod is the best rod type,with high and uniform energy. lt make sure efficiency treatment and long stable life time

Multi-function,Metal shell

Treatment Solution for removal of wrinkle,birth mark ,stretch mark,tattoo and skin rejuvenation;Metal shell, elegant appearance and safety for shipment.

Four Treatment Heads

Four treatment heads for various treatment purpose,755nm beehive,1064nm head,532nm head,Carbon peel head;Handle with Advanced material: Aerospace aluminiumsafety and efficiency.

Higher Pigment Clearance

The picosecond laser's FOCUS technology focuses energy up to 20 times more than a traditional q-switched laser, shattering pigments into tiny particles that facilitate the body's ability to metabolize melasma pigment and greatly improve clearance


Higher Clearance

The picosecond laser FOCUS technology focuses energy up to 20 times more than traditional q-switched lasers, shattering pigments into tiny particles that facilitate the body ability to metabolize melasma pigment

Faster Pigment Removal

The speed of picosecond laser treatment is 90 times higher than that of the traditional q-switched laser treatment

High Energy, Low Heat

By giving picosecond mechanical lasers a fast and powerful deterrent, the risk of thermal damage to the skin is substantially reduced, and the risk of stimulating melanin re-activation (blackening) is relatively reduced.



The suitable wavelength of the laser, deep into the dermal layer to act on the pigment

Break Up

The deep and shallow layers are accurately focused to break up the deposited melanin


The pigment is swallowed by macrophages and excreted through metabolism



Look at the Treatment of the Picolas S60