Orilas Body Slimming Products--------Ems Model Y, Ems Model P, IvyScuplt , IvyRollar

EMS Model Y, EMS Model P, IVYSCUPLT, Ivyrollar and so on weight-loss equipment,

Weight-loss effect is remarkable, function range is very wide, weight-loss effect is immediately apparent, basically can solve the obesity problem caused by various factors, safe, healthy, comfortable, effective and non-rebound.


Body Shaping

Muscle Building

Buttock Toning

Fat Burning

Abdomen Firming

Cellulite Removal


IvySculpt 1060nm Laser Slimming Device

1. Four handles to reduce fat in multiple areas at the same time

2. Lose weight fast in 25 minutes

3.The cycle time is short,non-invasive and painless

4.Fast slimming, easy to use,plug-and-play technology

EMS Model Y Electromagnetic Eliminate Fat

1.Continuous brand new air-cooled system

2.2 in 1 technology EMS+RFTwo Therapies in a single procedure.

3.The maximum output power is 2000W

4.It can work with 2 handles or 4 handles working at the same time.

EMS Model P High-intensity Focused

1.5-100 hz frequency

2.Dynamic temperature monitoring,life monitoring,and fault alarming system.

3.12 Tesla high energy.

4.Hiemt+Emsmuscle Building 30 Mins treatment =20000workouts

EMS Principle

Using HI-EMT (High Energy Focused Electromagnetic Waves) technology to continuously expand and contract muscles, perform extreme training, deep remodeling of the internal structure of muscles, that is, the growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement) and the generation of new protein chains and muscle fibers ( Muscle hyperplasia) to train and increase muscle density and volume.


Before therapy

Fat and muscle shape your body curve together

In treatment

When energy penetrates into the fat and muscle layers the skin is not affected.

After treatment

Build a body curve by building muscles and burning fat.


IvyRollar Body Contouring Slimmming

1.Fast And Effective:Compressive Microvibration Therapy

2.Give Remarkable Results:our Compressive Microvibration method works gently on the tissue to tone and firm.

3Non-Surgical Treatment Of Fat Deposits:our treatment can adapt to fight fatty deposits on any of these areas

4.Five Synergistic Actions, Works With Precision On Cellulite


Handles for Abdomen,Buttocks,Thights

Handles for Arms,Thighs

Handles for Postpartum Recovery,Pelvic Floor Training,Private Treatment

Handles for Leg shaping,Arm fat loss,Abdominal fat loss,Back shaping


No diet, easy to burn fat.30MINS Treatment =20,000sit-ups


Not only for fat burning muscle building, but also for skin tightening.


Shaping a powerful and handsome figure.+50% Muscle Building -40% Fat Reduction


Handles for arms,thighs for body abdomen,buttock;Pebvic floor training



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