Laser hair removal-SPI X1 4D 1000W 808nm diode laser hair removal machine

We Are Looking for Excellent SPA Owner or Distributor

Professional Aesthetics & Medical Laser Euipment Manufacturer. FDA/Medical CE/ ISO13485 Approved. 15-Year Experience in OEM/ODM Servive.

Diode: Coherent laser bar imported from United stated. 10bars 1000W.

Wavelength: 808 single wavelength.triple wavelength can be upgrade.

image of machine

1.Diode: Coherent laser bar imported from United stated. 10bars 1000W.
2.Wavelength: 808 single wavelength, triple wavelength can be upgrade.
3.Spot size: 1.5cm2 or 2.0cm2 optional. Facial tip optional.
4.SuperICE Handle with screen for showing treatment parameters.
5.Interface: Intelligent interface. Energy advice by size of skin. quite similar with Titanium.
6.Machine cooling: R134-a Froen compressor
7.Screen: 10.4inch.vertical mode
8.Shell: Canbe customized

808nm hair removal
  1. High laser output stability with the optimized diode laser. ensure the effect of hair removal. 
  2. Virtually pain-free contacted with sapphire of Real -5°C more incomparable comfortable, and safety;
  3. Fast Hair removal in an on-motion way – huge 12mm. 20mm spot, up to 10 Hz repetition rate. 
  4. Large touch color screen with advanced intuitive and easy human-computer interaction software.
  5. Dual hair removal mode of traditional (HR) mode and on-motion (FHR) mode.
  6. High output laser energy density, up to 120J/cm² in traditional mode(HR), up to 25J/cm² in on-motion (FHR) model
  7. More effective and comfortable with unique Dual-Pulse Shot technology.
  8. Water+Air+Semiconductor+TEC multifunction cooling system, which is more environmental avoiding Freon but quality ensured.
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