Fat Freezing-body slimming machine

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  • No surgical incision is required.
  • It is a low risk procedure. There is no risk of infection.
  • The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis.
  • Patients do not need to be sedated or anesthetized before undergoing the procedure.
  • More than one area of the body may be treated in a single session.
  • Most people can resume their normal daily activities immediately after treatment.
  • The procedure can be performed on people of all ages.
  • There is no damage to nerve fibers, blood vessels, muscles, or lasting damaging to skin in the treatment area.
  • Fat cells that have been damaged or destroyed are permanently removed from the body.
  • Patients may experience an increase in self-esteem due to an improvement in their appearance.

 Cryolipolysis Shaping: With application of cooling within temperature range of -10℃~5℃, to reduce localized body fat.

360°refrigeration: The treated body parts can quickly drop to an effective temperature.

Independent applicators: Four applicators can work simultaneously and each of them has its own circulation system.

10.4 inch main display: Four applicators’ settings can be adjusted in main display.

Electromagnetic valve imported from the USA, to control the suction and release precisely and stably.

Proportional valve imported from Germany, to control the vacuum power.

Four cooling systems with water tanks ensure the machine can working non-stop 12 hours.  Using Medical silicon, soft to make customers feel comfortable during treatment.

Type Cryolipolysis
Interface10.4 inch touch color screen
Application Body Slimming
Handles 4 handles work at the same time
Power 1000W
Treatment Temp -10℃-5℃
Treatment Time 30-90mins
Suction Level 5 levels
Monitor 8pcs
Volume 47*43*120cm
Power supply 220V/110V


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