Do you know anything about Microchannel technology?

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The Mystery of Microchannels:“Good Heat Dissipation and Long Machine Life”


What is Microchannels Technology ?

Microchannel: this is known in optics as vertical stack cooling, which is essentially invisible to the naked eye. Microchannel heatsink cooling is one of the most advanced technologies for high-power semi-conductor laser packaging, it is a kind of ultra-precision processing, each single chip has five very small waterways, an average of 0.03 mm each of the waterways, the entire laser internal densely packed waterways, so called microchannels, its heat loss per square centimeter is 100W, which is basically the bar in water packaging, so to ensure a good cooling effect

New Products-----Customizable 4Bar/6Bar/8Bar/10Bar/12Bar/16Bar

Full Seal Package Technology--------Low thermal resistance CW and QCW operation, Housing design against dust and water condensation, Up to 60 bars vertically structure upon request, For beauty and pumping application, Typical 600W-1600W CW stack for hair removal application.

Why Is It a High-Tech Product-----Good Heat Dissipation

1. The heat dissipation area is large, which can ensure the continuous use of the laser is not easy to be burned.

2. German Jenoptik micro-channel laser bar

3.The machine can work continuously for 24 hours to ensure efficiency

Why Choose Our Company-----Various Repair Options

Choice A-----Send the old broken laser handpiece to our factory. We will do the process of checking , repairing, cleaning and etc. Then send the fresh new handpiece back to you. 

Choice B---- if you have basic assembly capacity, you can send the diode laser stack only to our factory. We remove the old bar and mount the new bar to recover the laser power of the stack.

Choice C---- Measure your stack and confirm the water pipe hole and screw hole position. Then press the button below to buy a ready-made stack which is match your old handpiece.


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