Do You Know About The Difference Between“ Diode Laser Hair Removal And IPL Hair Removal?”

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Do You Know About The Difference Between“ Diode Laser Hair Removal And IPL Hair Removal?”


Principle--------What Is Diode Laser Hair Removal? What Is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL Hair Removal

The principle of IPL is usually the principle of photothermal effect, which mainly uses intense pulsed light to produce wavelength, the range of emission spectrum is 400-1200 nm, and then penetrates directly into the deep skin, the depth of treatment is up to 4 mm below the skin, the shorter wavelength of the output wave band is used to treat vascular and pigmented lesions, while the longer wave band can achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation.

Diode Laser Hair Removal

Diode laser targetson skin,the melanin in hair follicle absorbs laser.laser transforms to heat energy,heat damages hair follicles rapidly. It destroys the hair to loose regeneration capacity, but not damaging the surrounding removal is effective and it inhibits hair regrowth.

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What are the advantages of IPL--------Reduce Heat Damage, Tunable wavelength, Multi-function

Reduce Heat Damage.

The light-heat intensity pulse light source reduces the total energy received by the epidermis, which can protect the epidermis fundamentally and reduce the heat damage to the epidermis.

Tunable Wavelength(400nm-1200nm)

The tunability of intense pulsed light wavelength determines that intense pulsed light can deal with many skin problems. Such as Freckle, Red Blood, hair removal and skin rejuvenation and so on,

Multi-function (Hair Removal,Pigment Removal.Vascular Removal)

IPL treatment system as a beauty platform, it can solve a variety of skin beauty problems, such as hair removal, treatment of pigmented skin diseases, treatment of vascular skin diseases, improve skin and so on.

What are the advantages of Diode Laser -----------Best laser wavelength Eliminate pigmentation,Does not damage the skin

Best Laser Wavelength(755nm,808nm,1064nm)

The Light Sheer semiconductor laser with a wavelength of 800 nano meters has a good absorption of melanin, reaches the deep layer of the dermis and under the subcutaneous fat tissue, and acts on the location of hair follicles at different depths and in different parts.

Eliminate Pigmentation.(Skin Whitening,Skin Rejuvenation)

Compared with traditional laser hair removal, laser hair removal eliminates skin pigmentation and skin.In the presence of inflammation, it can also whiten and rejuvenate the skin.

Does not damage the skin. (AnnulusTEC and Compressor Refrigeration)

The contact cooling laser head, the sapphire window will be close to the skin during the treatment, so that the local epidermal temperature can be cooled to 5 degrees, which protects the normal skin and improves the curative effect at the same time.


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