4D HIFU Fuctions Ⅱ V-face Face Lifting Skin Tightening Wrinkle Removal Machine Two Handles for Sale

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4D HIFU Fuctions Ⅱ

Instrument Principle

With its unique high-energy focused ultrasound, the ultrasound focus can directly reach the SMAS layer, promote SMAS fascia suspension, and comprehensively solve the problem of facial sagging and relaxation. The ultrasonic energy is precisely positioned on the subcutaneous 4.5 mm fascia layer, and the fascia layer can grow and pull the muscles to achieve the best effect of body sculpting and skin tightening. It acts on the collagen layer of 3 mm under the skin to regenerate collagen and achieve anti-aging problems such as skin elasticity, whitening, wrinkle removal, and pore reduction. Fast tugging effect, firming contours and smoothing wrinkles fast!

Difference between Radar carving and line carving

Difference:Radar Carving is with more fast speed, good energy, and uniform effect,and why do we set a lifespan of 60,000 rounds per probe?

A:Because each ultrasound focusing energy chip will have a lifespan of about 60,000 rounds, if more than 60,000 rounds, the energy of probe will weaken the effect and the machine’s functional stability.

Technology Advantage

1. There are two modes of 4D: fast mode or slow mode.

2. 4D can be used for 1 to 12 lines with a maximum energy area width of 11mm,and the corresponding parameters can be adjusted according to the size of the skin area,which make the operation time is greatly shortened , make the energy point effects on the skin is more uniform, and the curative effect is better.

3. Radar Carving Machine with the way of rubbing and rolling, the method of concentrating the energy in the treatment area can achieve better results in each area with uniform energy by using this way, which is less painful than previous HIFU instruments.

4. Radar Carving Machine is operated by shortening the energy emission interval, because the treatment interval is short, it can be operated frequently, and the effect can be obtained in a shorter time.

5. Compared with the original HIFU instrument, the radar line carving machine with a new probe for more precise operation.


Product Name4D HIFU
Power 150 W
4D HIFU Cartridges1.5/3.0/4.5 mm(face)
6.0/8.0/10.0/13.0/16.0 mm(body)
Vmax HIFU Cartridges1.5/3.0/4.5 mm(face)
4.5 mm(breast)
8.0/13.0 mm(body)
4D HIFU Cartridges Life20000 shots
Vmax HIFU Cartridges Life65000 shots
Frequency4 MHZ 7 MHZ
Energy Output0.1-2 J Adjustable
Voltager220/110 V, 650/60 Hz
Package Size59*40*25 cm
Weight12 kg


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