Do you know anything about NIR technology?

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New Technology: The Use Of Nir Milk Light, Say Goodbye To The“Old Lady”!


What is Milk Light?

Near-infrared light is the peak of 1300nm near-infrared light. It reaches the dermis from the top to the middle and penetrates the skin at the deepest depths of all light and lasers, much deeper than photons. Near-infrared light treatment can effectively heat water molecules in the dermis, promote the contraction of collagen fibers and stimulate the formation of new collagen fibers.

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Why Is It a High-Tech Product-----Near-Infrared 1300nm

1. The latest technology in 2022, the unique near-infrared 1300nm precise wavelength. Up to 1-3mm subcutaneously.

2. The lamp is imported from the UK, with a life guarantee of 1000 hours and a design life of 3000 hours.

3.2 Nippon brand capacitors imported from Japan, 500V 15000nf to ensure continuous operation for 24 hours without energy decline.

Why Choose Our Milk Light Machine Treatment-----Effective,High quality

1.Reduce Heat Damage.the light-heat intensity pulse light source reduces the total energy received by the epidermis, which can protect the epidermis fundamentally and reduce the heat damage to the epidermis.

2.Tunable wavelength.the tunability of intense pulsed light wavelength determines that intense pulsed light can deal with many skin problems. Such as Freckle, Red Blood, hair removal and skin rejuvenation and so on,

3.Multi-function.IPL treatment system as a beauty platform, it can solve a variety of skin beauty problems, such as hair removal, treatment of pigmented skin diseases, treatment of vascular skin diseases, improve skin and so on.


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