2 IN 1 4D Instructional Manual

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Our new latest product 2 in 1 4D beauty instrument (Radar line carving +4multi-line) can achieve three perfect effects of tightening skin ,removing wrinkle,shaping body.The most advanced part of 2 in 1 4D is the use of the most advanced ultrasonic energy, which can penetrate deep into the SMAS layer of the skin, causing immediate contraction of collagen and stimulating collagen fiber network, thus enhancing skin elasticity from the bottom layer (the self-repair mechanism is safer).This is the safest and most effective way to treat facial skin aging and sagging in the beauty industry.It is a cross-era multiple beauty instrument without wound, convalescence, bleeding .It’s magical removing wrinkles and improving efficacy has been recognized by the authoritative institutions in the beauty industries, and is known as the miracle of youthful youth!

4D HIFU Skin Rejuvenation Machine

A:Why do we put the Radar Carving Machine together with the 12 rows of HIFU?

Q:Because 12 rows of HIFU can not be operated in many parts of the face, it can be said that there is no dead corner with the operation of radar line carving machine, the pain is reduced, and the effect is more obvious.

A:Is there any pain when doing Radar Carving treatment?

Q:The unique probe of radar carving is frictional treatment without any pain.Because the energy of the radar waves is transmitted deeply into the target, if the operation speed is slow and the customer feels pain after staying for a long time, the degree of pain varies from person to person. However, the radar-sculpted unique probe friction treatment does not cause any pain.

A:Does the customer need a break?

Q:No breaks. Customers can resume normal activities immediately.

A:How many rounds does it take if just using the Radar  Carving Machine alone?

Q:This depends on the areas that need to be addressed.For the whole facial treatment ,requires about 2500-3000 rounds of each depth probe, depending on the size of the client’s therapeutic site to determine the number of rounds. Each probe is about 3,000 rounds in the body and about 2,500 rounds in the chest.

A:When will the customer see the results? How long do they last?

Q:Most clients can see the results immediately after the treatment is over. However, it mainly depends on the skin elasticity of the individual and the rebuilding process of collagen. Generally it will last for 1-3 years.

A:How often? What’s the reaction?

Q:In order to maintain the long-term therapeutic effect, it is recommended to operate once every 2-3 months. It’s possible to see a little redness after treatment and it will go away in a few hours.


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